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Graphy Goodness…

In my previous post, I tried to discuss how the traditional RDBMS, while being very good at storing and tracking certain types of data and transactions, fails to provide value for others, and how graph databases are coming to the … Continue reading

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Home Lab v. 4.0

Another lab post! … I love it! Having assumed the role of a manager this past summer (July, 2013), I find my opportunity to really dig into ANYTHING and satisfy my technical cravings are severely limited.  There is a lot … Continue reading

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Five Minutes on PaaS…

Is your company is trying to change?  Trying to update from a legacy architecture?  Are your applications tightly coupled?  Written on outdated systems?  Would you like to take advantage of newer application capabilities on state of the art infrastructure? Skip … Continue reading

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Roshambo, the Big Bang, and metaphysics …

I have been struggling for a while with trying to understand and depict in an easy-to-relay fashion the organizational structure of my employer – it may sound silly, but it turns out it is not all that easy to describe … Continue reading

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My latest fascination…

… is with graph databases, specifically Neo4J. What is a Graph Database? As in so many cases, a picture is worth … you know the rest. Briefly put, Neo4J is a ‘schema-less’ database that places emphasis on the relationships between … Continue reading

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Home Lab 3.0

Finally Got it Right… For those of you who have been following my progress (thanks for sticking around), there have been some changes to the home lab setup.  You may recall, in my post last fall – Home Lab, Part … Continue reading

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Sharpening the Axe…

So, I have begun my journey into my new world of EMC and VMware synergy, and I am having a blast.  Last week I helped out Nick Weaver as part of his documentation project for his new HOW-TO guide for … Continue reading

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