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VMworld 2011 Session BCA1950 – Production Proven Methods of Running Enterprise Java on vSphere

This is a live update from VMworld! These are just my notes during the session, please forgive the grammatical errors, I am sure I missed parts of the lecture as I am taking notes… This session had excellent information, though … Continue reading

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Vmware’s Project Horizon looks promising…

So, I may be a little late to the game (I know Brian Madden has already blogged about this a couple times), but let me just write it for the record – I love Vmware’s new direction with Project Horizon!! … Continue reading

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vSpecialist’s Delight…

So, for any of you wondering what the vSpecialist Team is all about, some of my colleagues have put together a most awesome rap video.  You can find the lyrics to it here. You can find the original video on … Continue reading

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What about the name?

Yes, i should have mentioned that in my post About This Blog. During the opening keynote presentation this year at VMworld 2010, Paul Maritz (president and CEO of VMware) highlighted several customers using VMware for their business production and revenue … Continue reading

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Increasing Availability and Throughput for VMware

This is a live update of VMworld 2010 session TA8133- Increasing Availability and Throughput for VMware Chad Sakac, EMC Vaughn Stewart, NetApp Chad and Vaughn started out by mentioning that they wanted the presentation to be non-vendor related, and basic … Continue reading

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