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Increasing vSAN Resynch / Rebuild Performance

Overview Rebuild / Resynchronization time is one of the things I have seen jump up and bite customers on the ankle over and over…  When you distribute your storage across multiple hosts in a hperconverged cluster, the arithmetic and physics … Continue reading

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Connectivity Options for VMC on AWS

via VMware Cloud on AWS Connection Options

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Capacity Planning with Fault Domains in your vSAN Environment

 Overview Buckle in, this may be a long post…. I have been working recently with a customer that happens to have a large vSAN environment – indeed, one of the largest vSphere clusters I have encountered at 48 hosts – … Continue reading

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Understanding Capacity in vSAN

Overview Recently a customer posed a question about what they were seeing in vSAN when they moved a virtual machine over to a vSAN datastore.  Essentially, they were seeing vCenter report the VMDK as consuming more space than they had … Continue reading

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The New Reality for VMware and VMware Customers

I have had the privilege to begin to work with the Cloud Native Apps team at VMware a bit over the past couple months, and I am becoming more and more convinced that this is a topic and a trend … Continue reading

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Building and Installing Apache Mesos

Originally posted on Code Trips & Tips:
I have just published a gist that shows how to build and install Apache Mesos on a Ubuntu 14.04 VM or physical box. The Getting started instructions are a good start (well…) but…

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VMware Photon OS, Kubernetes, & Mesos

VMware recently released Photon OS – Tech Preview 2.  You can find it here, along with some of their other open-source initiatives.  This post is intends to (hopefully) introduce folks to Photon and demonstrate how easy it is to use … Continue reading

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