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Mapping Virtual Machines to Datastores to Storage, Part 2

In a previous post, I walked through the challenges facing one of my customers during a recent outage, during which they needed to understand the mapping of virtual machines to datastores to LUNs. Due to time constraints, I didn’t have … Continue reading

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Mapping Virtual Machines to Datastores to Storage, Part 1

summary of the problem This past week, I had the (unfortunate) opportunity to help provide some on-site support to a customer suffering through an outage (as a matter of fact, I am again this week).  The customer in question lost … Continue reading

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VMworld 2011 Session BCA1230 – Best practices for virtualizing Java

This is a live update from VMworld! These are just my notes during the session, please forgive the grammatical errors, I am sure I missed parts of the lecture as I am taking notes… Be sure to check out the … Continue reading

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Five minutes on the Cloud…

This past spring, while i was still with VMware, I entered a Cloud Video Whiteboard contest.  The idea was to see who could create the best 5 minute whiteboard (and video themselves) on the topic of Cloud Computing.  My entry … Continue reading

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vBlock Converged Infrastructure

This is a live update of VMworld 2010 SuperSession SS1011. Chad and Todd Pavone present the case for the VCE coalition. Todd starts with an overview of the industry and how cloud computing is changing things. How does the increased … Continue reading

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