vBlock Converged Infrastructure

This is a live update of VMworld 2010 SuperSession SS1011.

Chad and Todd Pavone present the case for the VCE coalition.

Todd starts with an overview of the industry and how cloud computing is changing things. How does the increased complexity affect the TCO of an environment?

Enter the vBlock….

VBlock Infrastructure Packages
– Rapid deployment model for virtualized infrastructure
– Preintegrated and validated solution for reduced TCO
– Service levels driven through predictable and understood performance characteristics and operational characteristics
– Improved compliance, security, and reduced risk.

VBlock accelerates virtualization of applications:
– by standardizing IT infrastructure and IT processes
– providing a broad range of o/s support.
– Over 300 Enterprise applications explicitly supported.
– Provides reality of SOA design for datacenters.
– Enables what Phil called ‘deterministic elasticity.’

Benefits of ultra-standardization through vBlock infrastructure:
– predictable and granular SLA measurement and assurance
– deterministic space and weight… Floor tiles become unit of capacity planning
– consistent power and cooling per unit
– predetermined capacity and scalability
– uniform workload and mobility
– deterministic fault and secure isolation

They went through the different vBlock types, which I will blog about in another post.

VBlock2- scale up model
VBlock1- scale out model
VBlock0- SMB, test/dev, starting model

Others are on the roadmap…

Solutions validated around vBlock…
– SAP, View, backup and recovery of thousands of vms, federation of vBlocks…

All documented and reference architectures are available on the VCE Coalition site…. (http://www.vcecoalition.com/solutions.htm).

For new features and roadmaps… Acadia is mandated (internally) to ensure that vBlocks have full functionality for new features when they hit the street from VMW, EMC, etc., but they will have been tested and vetted BEFORE the features are actually GA.

Chad gave a nice demo of EMC Ionix Unified Infrastructure Manager… UIM basically allows an administrator to provision services for tenants as opposed to infrastructure. vCloud Director from VMW allows the administrator to create a virtual Datacenter container within which to provision virtual machines.

Choice, Efficiency, Control are the key enablers that are derived from the vBlock…

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