Tom Twyman

I have been in technology for my entire career.  After graduating from a tiny school with a degree in music (officially a singer by training and education), I quickly found my way into technology as a corporate trainer for New Horizons.  I spent several years as a Microsoft Certified Trainer, then a Citrix Certified Instructor, with all the certifications along the way.  After several years I joined a small consultancy and reseller helping customers deploy Winframe, Metaframe, Presentation Server and then XenApp.

Along the way I learned about VMware, and in doing so found a company and a technology I love.  I have been with VMware since 2007 (though I did spend a short hiatus as a vSpecialist with EMC), in a variety of roles, including Systems Engineer for our core products, Solutions Architect for professional services, vSAN Systems Engineer and now VMware Cloud on AWS Systems Engineer.