Back from a long hiatus

It’s been a minute! Though I haven’t posted in recent months, I have been very busy working on new projects! I am pleased to share here that this week I had the pleasure to present at VMware Explore 2022 alongside one of my colleagues, Chris White! We presented in the Code Theater on “Getting Started with VMware Cloud APIs” – one of the many things I have been working on this past year.

I had a great time, and Chris is a fantastic presenter to work with!

We covered the very basics of how to get started with APIs in VMware Cloud on AWS – and though our chosen language is Python (for now), working with VMware Cloud on AWS, really the approach should be applicable to any language and anything that uses an API!

First, I demonstrate how to authenticate to VMware’s cloud service using a “refresh token” and then how to leverage the Cloud Service Portal API to add a user to a group. Then, Chris uses the VMC API to obtain the API endpoint for the NSX Manager, and adds a network segment, builds a firewall rule, and displays the route table.

The audience was great – lots of questions and participation, we reference the documentation to make sure you have something to refer back to, and all the examples are online!

You can find all the code exmples, etc, here:

And of course, much of this is built off our work with a couple of ​VMware Flings:

Finally, you can find the entire recorded session here:

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