Using vRealize Operations for Sizing VMware Cloud on AWS

Did you know that you can use vRealize Operations for some quick-and-dirty sizing for VMware Cloud on AWS? If you have vRealize Operations deployed on prem, beginning with version 6.7 (we are now at 7.5!) you can actually run a quick planning exercise to model out what it might cost to move some / all of your workloads to VMware Cloud on AWS!

From “Quick Start” on the home screen, simply click the “Plan” link.

You should see options for “Workload Planning,” “Physical Infrastructure Planning,” “Hyperconverged Infrastructure,” and “Migration Planning.”

Click “Migration Planning.”

You should now see options for different cloud providers – simply click on one, fill out the form to characterize the workloads you are moving (or import a selection of virtual machines from your inventory), and click “Run Scenario.”

That’s all there is to it! You will get a quick swag of what it might cost to move your selected workloads out to the cloud!

If you are comparing against VMware Cloud on AWS, be sure to validate your findings with your VMware teams, as there are constantly new offerings and updates to our cloud offerings, and things may have changed!

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