Sharpening the Axe…

So, I have begun my journey into my new world of EMC and VMware synergy, and I am having a blast.  Last week I helped out Nick Weaver as part of his documentation project for his new HOW-TO guide for using the Celerra VSA.  As part of that process, I had to learn all about the Celerra Unisphere interface, and the basics of how the products works.  I authored the replication chapter for him, and that required me to understand everything about setting up storage on NFS and iSCSI as well as how to configure Data Mover Interconnects, Replications, etc..  It was a great experience, and I have learned a ton.

Since I was in my lab for a good chunk of the week figuring all that out, I also took the time to download and install PowerPath VE onto my vSphere Farm, as well as VMware PowerCLI, and UBERshell (Nick’s powershell snap-in for working with the Celerra).  I documented how I did everything, and even authored a couple powershell scripts just to get the feel of it.  I will be posting all that this week as well. 

Happy reading!

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