How-To: PowerPath Virtual Edition for VMware

So, as part of my ongoing self-education, I recently got a hold of PowerPath VE (PPVE) and installed it into my lab.  It was a breeze; in fact, the toughest part was licensing it!

I documented the whole thing, which you can download here.

PPVE is what I consider to be one of the least most utilized killer applications for a VMware Environment.  Not only does it provide a manner in which to unify management across heterogeneous physical and virtual environments, but it constantly adjusts I/O path usage to respond to changes in I/O loads from Virtual Machines.  It leverages all channels to provide optimal, predictable, and consistent information access.  And in the event of a path failure, it automatically reroutes all traffic to an available path, keeping your virtual environment and applications running in the event of failure.


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