Configuring VASA with EMC Storage

Recently, Craig Stewart of the vSpecialist team posted a thorough blog entry on how to configure VASA (VMware APIs for Storage Awareness) with EMC storage.  As you may recall, this feature allows VMware administrators to set up policies for how virtual machines are placed on storage – in short, automating the placement of vas based on required / desired features or performance.  It also complements the Datastore Cluster feature in VMware, allowing VMware administrators to logically group similar datastores together for the purposes of inter-datastore storage vmotion.  Together, VASA, policies, and datastore clusters allow for Storage DRS – the automatic placement and movement of virtual machines for better load distribution and load balancing.  We are still on the first release of VASA and Storage DRS, but this feature set is sure to grow in the future as datacenter components become more and more tightly integrated.

Check out Craig’s blog below for how to configure VASA with EMC storage:

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