Best Flight Attendant Ever…

Had to share this… with all our travel, the routine can become very mundane.  I had the best flight attendant on a commuter flight from Richmond, VA to Charlotte, NC today, and I had to share the experience.  Her name was Anna, and I think she was German, though she spoke English very well.  Her running commentary during the pre-flight check was hilarious, and although I didn’t get them all, I wanted to share the nuggets that stuck with me:

  • “If the cabins suffers from a loss of pressure, oxygen masks will drop from above your seat.  Once you stop screaming, place it over your head and adjust.  Be sure to put your mask on before assisting children, or other adults behaving as children.”
  • “If we experience a water landing, and this flight suddenly becomes a cruise, please be aware your seat cushion is also a flotation device.  Put your arms through the straps, and start paddling.  Once you reach the shore, you may, of course, keep the cushion with our compliments.”
  • “The green light above your seat is the flight attendant call button.  If you push it twice, it will activate the EJECT function…  just kidding”
  • “I am going to dim the cabin lights – this is for your comfort, and to enhance my appearance.  If this doesn’t work for you, I am also selling alcohol.”
  • “I will be walking through the cabin now for a compliance check.  Please be sure your seat belts are fashioned, and your seats and  tray tables are in the upright position.  I will also be checking to ensure your shoes match your outfit – we are going to Charlotte, after all.”
  • Finally, the captain asked – “Are you done yet?”

It set the mood for a great flight…

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