About this Blog

I am a little freaked out… All my colleagues at work already know this, and perhaps my freakout is unnecessary or unfounded, but there you have it.

I recently joined EMC from VMware, and i don’t think I quite realized how much I don’t know. Hopefully, my track record was impressive enough at VMware that EMC brought me over for my experience and acumen, because I am a little intimidated at how much learning i have to go through to become an effective resource for EMC.

I graduated from college with a degree in music performance- I’m a singer by education and training. I wish I had kept up with it more an i have, but in my defense i have spent the past several years raising a family, and as any performer will tell you, it is extremely difficult to maintain a performance career or even a hobby while also maintaining a rich home life. I have four kids, I love them and my wife intensely, and would not have traded the past ten years for anything.

After a short stint at a hardware store, i finally found a job at a now defunct IT firm that manufactured Unix paging systems for hospitals based on the
Motorola chipset. My job was to sell pages for the system. I didn’t sell a single one, but took excellent care of their Quickmail and Retrospect backups for their Mac network. After a couple years, i left and went to work for a Macintosh consulting firm, and then a training organization, New Horizons.

It was here I really got my start in IT. I became a trainer for applications, then Windows NT, Windows 98, Windows 2000, Exchange, and ultimately Citrix MetaFrame. After a few years as a trainer, i realized i needed to get out and actually perform some implementations, so i joined a reseller. During my time there i did my share of technical support and project delivery as well as continuing to train for corporations.

Along with many other folks, i lost my job in 2001 due to the economy… I was laid off along with a few hundred of my coworkers the night before payday. Luckily, I scrambled and quickly found another job with a reseller, and a few years later I found my way to Citrix systems. I had a great time there as a Systems Engineer, but had to leave because I fundamentally disagreed with some of the things management was doing for the system engineers. Once again I went to work for a reseller, but was laid off (again!) 18 months later when they were trying to change themselves into a software company.

In 2007, I found my way to VMware as a systems engineer, and stayed until 2010. Over the past couple years, EMC has really risen to the challenge of virtualization, and together with Cisco and VMware they are introducing some very exciting technologies. The VCE coalition and the vBlock offers me a chance to once again talk with customers about an entire solution stack. And if you look at the vBlock, some really amazing things become possible, so I decided to take a hard look at working with EMC. I joined EMC in June of 2010 as a vSpecialist working under Chad’s group, and WOW! Talk about a dynamic crew! I am more excited now than I have been in several years, but along with it comes a ton of learning to do, hence my trepidation!

What do i hope to accomplish with this blog?

Honestly, i am not sure. I think I want to use it to solidify my newfound knowledge as I learn it, as well as pontificate when the feeling moves me. To the extent i can further the cause of virtualization and VMware, well hopefully i can do that as well, because i think VMware is just about the greatest thing around in IT right now.

Over the next year, I am going to be re-certifying in VMware, as well as obtaining my EMC Proven Professional certain, and a CCNA/CCDA from Cisco. I hope to chronicle my trials and tribulations, and hopefully someone out there will benefit in some small way.

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