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Home Lab v. 4.0

Another lab post! … I love it! Having assumed the role of a manager this past summer (July, 2013), I find my opportunity to really dig into ANYTHING and satisfy my technical cravings are severely limited.  There is a lot … Continue reading

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Five Minutes on PaaS…

Is your company is trying to change?  Trying to update from a legacy architecture?  Are your applications tightly coupled?  Written on outdated systems?  Would you like to take advantage of newer application capabilities on state of the art infrastructure? Skip … Continue reading

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Roshambo, the Big Bang, and metaphysics …

I have been struggling for a while with trying to understand and depict in an easy-to-relay fashion the organizational structure of my employer – it may sound silly, but it turns out it is not all that easy to describe … Continue reading

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My latest fascination…

… is with graph databases, specifically Neo4J. What is a Graph Database? As in so many cases, a picture is worth … you know the rest. Briefly put, Neo4J is a ‘schema-less’ database that places emphasis on the relationships between … Continue reading

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